Ashley Burge

De-Centralized Content Enrollment Best Practices

Discussion created by Ashley Burge Partner on Jul 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2019 by Laura Baldwin

Hello Fellow School Bridge Users,


Something came up today that I was curious if others in the group have worked through. 


For courses that go out en masse, like HIPAA courses, do you allow bridge admins from other departments to enroll individuals on an as-needed basis for courses like HIPAA, that are:

a) content not owned by them, but owned by central HR, and  b) a course that is set up to be an annual compliance course and shouldn't really be a one-off course ?


Without having object-based permissions, it seems the only way to turn off their ability to assign our content would be to turn off their ability to assign any content across the board, which we don't want. 


But more so, my question is, has anyone thought through whether it's a good practice to allow them to assign one-offs for courses like HIPAA whether we could turn off or not?


Thanks in advance for any insight.