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Deliver training to volunteers

Discussion created by Weiwei Zhang on Aug 7, 2019
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At our university, volunteers are required to complete some training programs, and a good number of these programs will be delivered via Bridge. 


Our Identity and Management team is working on getting volunteers (folks who don't have accounts with the university) access to Bridge, and we are thinking emails may be used as the UID. This makes the most sense, but this also brings up another question--what do we do when people don't have emails? 


One option is that we do in-person training, but then tracking is a challenge--I don't think we can do a CSV import because these people don't have accounts. Also, in some cases, when the trainee is at a remote location, in-person training may not be an option...


I'm wondering if any of you have experience with this. Any thoughts, suggestions, tips? 


Thank you!