Zoe Fisher

How are you working with the Author role w/Studio?

Discussion created by Zoe Fisher on Aug 22, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2019 by Amy Skyles

I recently discovered limitations of the Author role with Bridge Studio, including the fact that Authors can't get into Studio outside of course editing (e.g., only Admins can access full Studio functionality through the Admin toolbar). The suggestion from the Bridge Customer Success team was to create a custom role with access to the Admin toolbar and LTI launches/content creation, which is useful, but basically I've created a Super-Author/Admin-Lite -- someone who has too much responsibility as an Author (and the ability to see too much about other employees through the Insights feature).


So I'm curious, fellow Studio users, how are you working with the Author role and Studio?

Do your Authors create/add videos and then notify Admins that videos are available for captioning? Are you doing all of the captioning for your institution? Since Authors can't share videos with you, how are you notified of new videos? How do you find them? Or do you just not allow Authors to work with Studio (is it an Admin-only tool)? Thanks for all your ideas and feedback! I look forward to our discussion.