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Course Expiration - Stop Enrolling New Learners?

Discussion created by Allison Whitehouse on Sep 9, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2019 by Amy Skyles

Please share ideas on how we might be able to configure Bridge to stop enrolling new learners into a course after X date!


Here's our use case:

All users in the system need to be automatically assigned a quarterly training. After the quarter has ended, no new learners will be added to the training. When a new user is onboarded during the quarter, the new user will be added to the quarterly training. New users onboarded after the quarter will not be added to the training.


Note: We have about 4,000 active users and a churn rate that's above a level where it can be manually managed. We use SCIM provisioning to automatically add/remove users in our system. 


Some Details: 

Quarter 2 runs from April-June 2019. On 1 April, the course "Basketweaving 101" is required for everyone in the system as of 1 April. From 2 April to 30 June, any new user that is added to Bridge gets assigned "Basketweaving 101". On 1 July, new users are no longer assigned "Basketweaving 101". Anyone that was required to take the training but hasn't finished it still shows as "required", but no new users are added. The same scenario repeats as of 1 July for July-Sept quarter.


Ideas we've tried:

  • Expiration and Re-Enrollment: Details on this are scarce at best. Has anyone used this before? We are testing it out now in our sandbox. 
  • Use/Remove "All Learners" Group: At the end of the quarter, if the "All Learners" group enrollment is set to "available in library", it removes all of the required enrollments so this wouldn't work for us. 


Any/All ideas on this topic are greatly appreciated!