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Historical Data Import (Not Bulk)

Question asked by Amy Skyles Champion on Oct 4, 2019


When importing previously completed enrollments through CSV, there is an overwrite of any existing data. Some of our training is recurring and we really only need the most recent date. If we import old data, it will overwrite the data for anyone who took the course since we switched to Bridge. We've got a workaround for Courses. In Courses, we download Bridge data, add the historical data through CSV, then re-load the Bridge data. This will successfully show the most recent training on each employee's training record. 


My question is for the Live Training data. We did a live training session in June. I know that in Live Training the most recently attended session is typically what shows on the training record (not each session attended). This is sort of a bummer, but not a deal breaker because we can look up all of the enrollments for that live session to see how many times each employee attended. However, when we load historical data we get something funny. 


We had a session in June and logged it in Bridge. As we are migrating historical data, we then add more sessions from dates prior to June. Bridge does not overwrite the data, but adds to it. So employees who have attended more than one live session do actually show enrollments for each date appropriately when I look. The problem is that on the employees' training record, the most recent date (June) is not the one that is showing. I've got one who is showing a date of 2009 (imported), even though he attended in June of 2019 (native to Bridge). I'm guessing that this is because the 2009 data was entered after the June 2019 data. I'm planning to download the enrollments and re-upload to see if the correct date will show on the employee's record. Is there an import method that will prevent this from happening in the first place? We are importing into existing course shells that already (for some employees) contain live session data that is more recent than what we are importing.


Thank you!