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Discussion created by Amy Skyles Champion on Oct 22, 2019

Now that the mobile app is available, I thought it might be good to start a discussion where people can share any insights or pain points. 

Bridge Mobile iOS App Guide - Table of Contents 

Bridge Mobile Android App Guide - Table of Contents 


I have tested out native Bridge courses and some SCORM content. The native Bridge courses work well, but I did notice some things with SCORM (of course). The first SCORM course I tried didn't work. I chatted with a few people about it and realized that SCORM should open in a pop-up window. I turned off the pop-up blocker on my phone and it still wouldn't work. My phone would tell me that it was trying to open in a new window, but then the screen would just turn white. Eventually the pop-up notification would come back but it would never switch over to the browser window like it should. 


The course I was trying was part of a Program so I decided to try another course that was stand-alone. You still can't enroll in courses from within the app, but once you are enrolled you can access them. I logged in on my computer and picked a couple of new courses, one with a quiz and one without (both still SCORM). I went back to my app then and they both worked perfectly! I failed the quiz the first time and got the expected result and then when I passed it the data was passed correctly back to Bridge just as I would have expected! As mentioned previously, both of these courses did pop up in a new browser window, which took me out of Bridge, but it was seamless. So, it seems like the biggest bug right now with SCORM content is the ability to complete courses within a Program. As a workaround, I did just login through the browser and test the Program. It does work through the browser without any issues, but it would be great if it would work through the app too!


If anyone else has interesting finds while testing the app please let me know. I would love to collect a bunch of tips and tricks before I announce the release to my whole company...though they will surely help me find other little quirks!