Jonathon Batson

Root Account Course Summary across Sub Accounts

Discussion created by Jonathon Batson on Oct 24, 2019



We have courses and programs created in the root account which we then push to affiliated (sub) accounts.

To get a summary of these courses we need to switch to each sub account to get the stats.


Compounding the issue is when you have a program in the root account, say with 4 courses, pushed to 4 sub accounts.  If you want company wide stats on the program, and note that programs do not have a summary function, you need to visit all 16 courses (4 x 4), and record and manually summarise the data.


Ideally, in the root account, there would be a tab 'Summary Across Affiliated Accounts' to enable a one click report of course / program participation for all sub accounts showing global values, as well as the breakdown of values for each sub account. 


Interested to hear others thoughts on this.