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Filter Courses Based on Relevance

Question asked by Amy Skyles Champion on Nov 18, 2019

Hi Community! I'm trying to filter through our course list and I've run into a snag. After looking through the community, I can't seem to find evidence that anyone else has ever asked this question. 


Has anyone figured out a way to sort courses by their assigned relevance? We have several courses that are required for all learners, meaning they are compliance-type courses that we assign company-wide. There's no way that I can find to sort out how many and which of our courses are in this group. I'm guessing the answer will be in the data dump, but I'm not a fan of the data dump.


When new employees come in for on-boarding, I can use their accounts to see how many of those courses are automatically assigned, but once we get our smart groups assigned, that won't work any longer. I would love to have an easy way to collect this information so that we can quickly determine the current training burden for the "all employees" group.