Adam Arthur

Learner Access After Course Expiration

Discussion created by Adam Arthur on Nov 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2020 by Amy Skyles

I am trying to get the settings right for a course that is to roll out soon and started to become concerned about what the learner sees after they completed the course and it expires (both with and without auto re-enrollment).


Different areas have noted that they have a need for learners to be able to go back and look at the training content and certificates for up to 5 years (for one area).  I think it is likely that they will need to annually recreate the training and not archive it until after 5 years are up, but I was curious of the behavior after course expiration.


Given that the course was completed and a certificate was generated, does anyone know the appearance in the My Learning view in the following scenarios.

  • Expired course w/o auto re-enroll
    • Displays as completed in My Learning even after expired (I believe I read somewhere that this does work)
    • Certificate can still be reached after expired
  • Expired course w/ auto re-enroll where new version appears in required
    • Displays previous completions in My Learning after they expired
    • Certificates can be reached for previous iterations

Are records like above displayed for only the last completed time or could it contain multiple years/iterations?