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How does the auto re-enroll function work?

Question asked by Amber Cybulski on Nov 12, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2019 by Amy Skyles

How does the auto re-enroll function work? How soon after completing the course are they auto re-enrolled? Are they re-enrolled an infinite number of times?


Please direct me somewhere else on the site if there is an easy place to find this. I'm new to the community and still trying to figure out where to find information.


A previous admin for our company suggested using the auto re-enroll function, thinking it would re-enroll learners after the course expired. However, learners are telling me that after completing the course in August, they have been re-enrolled several times and no matter how many times they mark it complete, they just keep getting reassigned the content. (I set the expiration date for 1 year if that matters at all). 


I've since unchecked the expire button for all the courses and turned off auto re-enroll. Is there an easy way to tell which learners completed the course at least once, even if they haven't completed the most recent auto re-enroll? We sometimes struggle to get learners to log in and mark content they have finished complete, so I would like to do it for everyone who has actually completed the courses rather than trying to get them to log back in yet another time to mark the course complete.