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Separate Account For Public-Facing Education

Discussion created by Jacob Popek on Dec 3, 2019
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For a few years now we've been interested in creating public-facing content on Bridge in addition to our current account. The way we have our system set up now is for internal franchise learning only. We have yet to find a solution to morph the current setup to be able to do both. We use sub accounts which also adds enormous difficulties to the issue.


I think the best way for us to create this new public platform is to create an additional Bridge account under the same company account but as a different website or education system. This way we can separate user emails into their own uses (both required employee learning and purchased learning). One as employee and one as consumer. Then link the consumer account to a Shopify account for revenue.


I wouldn't think this would add additional expenses (something we've been avoiding at all costs) so I was hoping we could discuss the possibility of this solution: Two accounts under the same company.


Please contact me for a larger discussion.


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