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Manager-created goal subtasks

Discussion created by Amy Skyles Champion on Jan 21, 2020
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I want to see if anyone has ideas or best practices for an issue that I've come across. I've been back and forth for a couple of weeks about an issue that is being described by support as "expected functionality." I have also created a feature request that can be found at Manager-created goal subtasks if you would like to (please) vote it up. What I'm experiencing is one tool working differently when accessed from different areas of Bridge. Here's the dilemma.


A manager can create a goal for an employee in a couple of different ways, which I have outlined below. The functionality available to that manager are different depending on which way the manager accesses the tool, and I think this is a problem. It's making communication for our Perform launch...yucky. We would like for managers to be able to 1) create goals for individual members of their team, 2) add subtasks to those goals, and 3) edit both the goal and sub-tasks after creation. 


Creating Individual Goals in 1on1

I can create an individual goal for team members by clicking 1on1 and using the agenda to create a goal. This option will not allow me to create subtasks for the goal.  

Create goal from 1o1 agenda

Creating Goals in My Team

Going to My Team, and then selecting Goals, allows me to create a goal and assign it to only one individual on my team. This option allows me to make sub-tasks when I create the goal. In the screenshot below, you can see the option to "+ADD TASK" circled in red. If you go back up to the previous screenshot, you can see that the "+ADD TASK" option is not available when creating a goal from 1on1.Create Team Goal

Scrolling down from there, you will see the names of each team member. You can click an X on the team members who you want to remove. You have to be super careful to do this from My Team>Goals and not in Team Goals, which is something different. If you create it as a Team Goal, everyone on the team can see it. It took me forever to figure this out. Yikes!

Team member names at bottom of team goal creation screen


It seems to me that managers who use the Goals tool should get the same functionality no matter where they access it from (1on1 or Goals). Does anyone have a good communication strategy for explaining to managers that you have to leave your 1on1 agenda and go navigate into the My Team area to help your direct reports with goal creation? Also, since managers can't modify the sub-tasks after goal creation, how do you communicate that? I'm finding it very difficult to explain the different functionalities as we prepare for our launch and it makes me a little panicky!