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Courses for Monthly Compliance and Safety Requirements

Question asked by Shawna Alloway on Jan 8, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2020 by Amy Skyles

Hello there!  We are a manufacturing company with monthly compliance and safety training requirements.  When we hire someone, say in June, we do not require they go back and complete all the training for the months prior to their hire date.  What we're finding is the system is automatically assigning these past courses to each new hire we bring on.  After uploading the new users, I have to manually go in and delete all the previous month's courses that were automatically assigned.  In my example of the June hire, I go in and manually delete the compliance and safety training courses for January through May.  This isn't a big deal in January...but it becomes a little cumbersome from about March on.  :-)  Are we missing something in how we set up our compliance and safety courses that the system will only recognize the current month going forward and NOT assign them to any past courses?