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Staff Overload

Question asked by Jane Leake on Feb 11, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2020 by Jane Leake

Our organisation has been using Bridge for more than a year and a half and have two issues emerging:

   We have come to the point where we need to reassign courses for Mandatory Education and this can't be done plus the fact that it would be wonderful to have more than one option to chop and change slant on a topic and mean courses don't need to be refreshed on an annual basis.  So how do I reassign a course a year later when it comes up as already completed?

   I have set up groups so when I add new staff, which happens almost weekly, they are automatically assigned a long list of courses which have been set for staff from start date which is very daunting to a new staff member.  I would like to have a more structured way of assigning courses for new staff so they are gently eased into the system rather than slammed, head long into an online learning frenzy. 

Any strategies for these processes from some experienced heads greatly appreciated.  -  Thank you