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LMS API - Learner Name?

Question asked by Alison Leese on Feb 16, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2020 by Alison Leese

so the example I'm using says to pull the Learner Name from the LMS API to auto-populate the Learner Name field of a Certificate of Completion. Using .js and Storyline, the example thinks it's "newName" , but that isn't working when I uploaded my test course and attempted to window.print the certificate. the line in question looks like this:


newName = player.GetVar('newName');


And Storyline doesn't really support using .js .


And warning, I *think* I'm saying all this in a way that makes sense. 


And YES, I figured out too late that you can upload a and STILL use Bridge for the Certificate. I just didn't figure it out till I got this far and went to my sandbox instance to upload my "test_cert" course. So now, I want to get my Certificate to work because I worked so hard to (almost but not quite) figure it out. 


Super @Josh?