Jeff Hembree

New to Bridge Admin looking for someone I can call with ?s

Discussion created by Jeff Hembree on Mar 3, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2020 by Joe Kleine

I'm relatively new to Bridge Admin and would like to connect with someone that I can talk to guide me as I encounter roadblocks (things I want Bridge to do but not sure how to set it up) or questions in setting up and modifying smart groups, assigning training, and setting up rules for groups. Our company is a large global company and uses Bridge for training at 50+ North American company locations. I want to create trainings and groups for our site location with respect to record retention and with no adverse affect to other site locations using the same Bridge account as we are all interlaced. I think Bridge has all the functions we are looking for; it's like Ragu spaghetti's in there; I just need someone to help me untangle the spaghetti.