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Sorting Sessions as a USER (registering for a session)

Question asked by Kelly Miller on Apr 21, 2020
Latest reply on May 22, 2020 by Amy Skyles

This tool is so not user friendly! I answer questions several times a day because the tool is not intuitive. We use registration links as we offer many sessions for participants to register for yet the when they click the registration link it has ALL PAST training listed FIRST and there is no way to sort. Registrants constantly email me that there are no sessions or sessions are full - I then have to email them back and tell them to scroll ALL the way to the bottom and be patient because it's a slow scroll. It doesn't make sense. Why would you not have sessions available to register for listed first. And this funny anomaly (in the picture I attached) that I just saw today. Makes me laugh - the agenda view note. It would be improved accessibility if it actually sorted correctly and made sense. Along with various different dates all over the registration page. How confusing for a user. I've submitted this multiple times. It's very frustrating.