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LMS Reporting - Learner's Response



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    Chris Clark

    Hi Eric...I have had issues with this in the past with different LMSs. I have had some success sharing results with a server, but that required some next-level database support that was not worth it at the end of the day. 

    I found this in Articulate.com - https://articulate.com/support/article/Rise-Quiz-Data-Sent-to-an-LMS; it references some FAQs that might explain why data isn't being sent. 

    In general, I've decided that my quiz questions must be very well thought out and written in a way to provide reliable data so that I know that a quiz measured what was intended. 

    Hope this is helpful. 

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    Eric Favata

    Hi Chris - thanks for the reply and the link to the Articulate article. 

    Unfortunately, I am still at a loss. My SCORM package is configured correctly, and when I test in SCORM Cloud, I can see all the data being passed, including 'learner_response'. It's still very unclear why Bridge reporting does not show this and only reports as "correct/incorrect". 

    I'm still digging and really hoping Bridge can provide some kind of insight. 


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