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    Amy Skyles

    Hi Kinga,

    I responded to your other inquiry with some tips. One thing I would like to touch on here that I didn't mention before is how to guide the people giving feedback. I used to teach college classes and I always guided my students to tell me something other than "this class is great" because that is no more helpful than "this class sucks." What is more helpful is something like, "You post assignments early on Monday and they are due on Friday so I don't have the weekend to work on them. I work a job after class during the week so weekend time to complete assignments would be helpful." See the difference? Your company has to teach the feedback givers how to give constructive feedback.

    We offer a workshop called the SBI (Situation, Behavior, Impact) workshop that gives one model. It's based on the Center for Creative Leadership's card deck. We also have some courses in Bridge from our content vendor. We advertise those a lot. It's also in our new leader training program. Now that I think about it, we also could use our short Friday info sessions to give a brief overview of how to give constructive feedback. 

    And finally, encouraging employees to be "Fierce" (as Susan Scott would say in her book Fierce Conversations) and to ask for feedback without anonymity allows the feedback to start a dialogue. If the feedback is vague, but the recipient knows who said it, they can ask for follow-up.

    Keep the questions coming!



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