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Archiving courses with smart groups



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    Amy Skyles


    We had the same issue when we first started using Bridge. You will need to un-assign the smart group, but you do not need to delete or "disband" it. You will also need to make sure that anyone who hasn't completed and has been assigned manually either completes or is removed from the enrollments prior to the archive.

    You can do this from within the course settings under the "Groups" tab or you can go to the group itself and look at the "Relevant Content" tab. 



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    Elyce Chavez

    Has Bridge considered looking at archived courses just as a historical record?  You can remove groups associated with the course but no action is done to the group since it is inactive.  This is really challenging working with a large group of people. Archived means the course is no longer active so I do not understand why an inactive course keeps getting assigned.

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