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    Amy Skyles

    This is a great idea. I can't think of a better workaround than what you are already doing. Please be sure to put in a feature request.



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    Katie Swenson

    Hi Beatrice,  this has been on my mind as well.  I was thinking about using Survey Monkey, but essentially doing the same thing.  I would really like to get info on live training events and I'm a little stumped on how to do it.  

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    Elizabeth Langan

    We are in the same boat.  Many issues with an outside tool.  Does anyone have a better solution?



    It became clear during the implementation that there was a survey feature, but it wasn’t recommended we use it.  Instead we were lead to use a quiz question.  This was eliminated due to visibility of the results.  The final recommendation was to use a third party tool.


    In considering an external tool

    1. Unified experience for the user
    2. Leaving the platform and never ‘completing’ the class
    3. Administration of creating individual links for each presentation
    4. If using one universal link the accurate capture of course name
    5. Visibility and compilation inside the tool.


    We are looking for a way to gather feedback on courses both for the course owner (which may or may not be the original author) and management.  We are looking for a unified user experience.  The tool should capture the course and user information during the survey process. 

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    Deb Bishop

    Being new to Bridge at the time, I utilized 2 short answer Quiz Questions for a Leadership Program.  Each Course had: 

    How would you rate the following statement?  "The Course content and format effectively provided information that I will apply to my job." and used a 1-4 Likert Scale.

    What additional information about the topic of ____ would you like to see covered?

    Answers were reviewed after Program Launch, and new responses were reviewed quarterly after that.

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